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Johann Strauss Jr. - Genius

Johann Strauss Jr - Genius

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Eduard Strauss   - Pyromaniac

Eduard Strauss - Pyromaniac

These publications have been carefully edited by conductor/arranger Daniel Warren and are available for purchase with or without orchestra parts.

All scores are 10’ x 13’, printed on heavy 70 lb. spiral bound with card stock cover and back.

In 1907, Eduard Strauss,  brother to the legendary Johann Strauss junior, ordered a burning of the Strauss family archives.  As a result, while many of the orchestral parts are still available, many of the full orchestral scores are not. is in the process of reconstituting full scores and making them available for purchase.  Our goal is to provide affordable and accurate scores on high quality paper and spiral bound for easy use.  We also offer some scores of Lehar and others.

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