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Scores and Parts

Pricing is negotiable depending on whether I provide PDF's or hard copies.  I can pre-send string parts for a custom bowing template and then pre-bow all PDF's before delivering. 

Johann Strauss Jr.
(voices of spring)
for soprano and orchestra
Franz Lehar
"Lippen Schweigen"
for Soprano, Tenor/Baritone and orchestra
Franz Lehar
"Da Geh' ich zu Maxim"
for Tenor/Baritone and orchestra
"Im Chambre Separée"
for Soprano/Tenor and orchestra
Johann Strauss Jr.
"Auf der Jagd"
polka schnell
Johann Strauss Jr.
"eine nacht in Venedig"
"A Night in Venice"
Johann Strauss Jr
Lagunen Walzes
full score
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