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Audience Feedback

"Congratulations on a beautiful concert on Sunday.  You are both (Larisa and Rosanne) very gifted musicians and your repertoire was delightful and inspiring. " (May 5, 2019 Recital,  All Saints Anglican Church, Waterloo)


"I very much enjoy the off the beaten path repertoire. "(Up Jumps Spring Concert, April 2018)  Robert

"“The Heroes of Valencia”  by Campbellville Chamber Concerts was a musical treat with a clear, heart-warming message.  The story really touched my heart as I could relate personally with the message.  Being an Indo-Canadian  myself and coming from a fairly conservative Hindu background, I have often struggled with  cultural biases.  Some of my closest friends are of different religious beliefs and races, but what really matters is the love and friendship we share which crosses over all barriers.  Often we tend to forget what really matters in life.  I loved the melodious tunes used by the band in the play.  I felt each song was chosen to bring out the mood in the scene which added more emotion to the story.  I enjoyed the performance immensely."  L. Venkat


"It was a wonderful program and beautifully executed."  Dianne C.


"What a wonderful concert you ladies put together! To listen to your music was a fabulous experience and a breath of peacefulness in our crazy lives."  Liz S.


"What a performance by Alexei saw him as if in a big concert hall.  Campbellville Chamber Concerts has to stay on that intimate scale and format."

Edel K.

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